Arm lift, Status post Weight loss surgery, active lifestyle in Tucson, Az

Procedure Details

This is a 63 year old woman that had undergone a bariatric surgery and had lost 180 lbs. She had come to Rao Plastic Surgery to discuss body contouring options to deal with her excess skin that she had developed after her weight loss. She was interested in addressing her arms, abdomen, breasts, and thighs. We discussed the different areas and the surgeries that I would perform to address her concerns. During our discussion I explained that because of her significant weight loss that we would stage her areas of concerns into separate surgeries. We discussed which surgery would she prefer to have first and she was most bothered by the appearance of her arms. She also had excess skin that extended down to her chest wall. I explained that we could perform an extended brachioplasty where we could include excising her excess skin all the way down to her chest. Her brachioplasty was performed at an outpatient surgery center in Tucson, Arizona. Since her issue was excess skin she did not require any concomitant liposuction. Her incisions were placed on the posterior aspect of her arms this allowed for the most skin to be removed and allows the incisions to be camouflaged where they are not visible when talking face to face with the patient. She tolerated the surgery well and was discharged home from the surgery center the same day. She is now 8 months out from surgery and is so happy that she can find shirts that fit her arms.


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