Panniculectomy, Excess skin removal after weight loss in Tucson, AZ

Procedure Details

This is a 37 year old woman from Tucson, AZ that came to Rao Plastic Surgery to discuss options to address excess skin that she developed after weight loss. She had lost over 80 lbs with diet and exercise alone. Her weight had been stable for 6 months. During her consultation I learned that she was bothered by her excess abdominal skin and felt that she had a hard time finding clothes that reflected her new figure. She would also get rashes under her excess abdominal skin. On exam, she did not have any hernias and she did have a significant amount of excess abdominal skin. We discussed her options to address the excess abdominal skin and I recommended a tummy tuck to get her the aesthetic results she was looking for. She underwent a tummy tuck as an outpatient procedure in Tucson,AZ. She did well and was discharged home the same day. She had two drains placed at the time of surgery and her drains were removed at about a week. Her postoperative course was uneventful. Her incisions healed well and she was able to resume working out at about 6 weeks. She is now four months out from surgery and loves her new figure.


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