Abdominoplasty and Liposuction, 360 lipo in Tucson, AZ, Snowbird

Procedure Details

This is a 63 year old woman that spends her winters in Tucson, Arizona that was looking to improve the appearance of her abdomen. She exercised frequently and ate healthy, but could not make any progress. During her initial consultation I learned she had two prior pregnancies, both were delivered vaginally. Subsequently she two intra-abdominal surgeries. On exam she had some mild lipodystrophy of her abdomen, back, and flanks. She had redundant abdominal skin and a rectus diastasis. A rectus diastasis develops when the rectus abdominis muscles (muscles that make up your six pack) get pushed apart in order to accommodate the uterus as it grows during pregnancy. I felt that she was a good candidate for a tummy tuck with liposuction of the flanks. Her surgery was performed in an outpatient surgery center in Tucson, Arizona. I performed aggressive liposuction of her back, flanks and abdomen using power assisted liposuction. In the same setting I performed a tummy tuck in which I removed excess abdominal skin and tightened her abdominal muscles from her xiphoid to her pubic bone. I injected her abdominal muscles with Exparel, long acting local anesthetic, that decreases postoperative pain for up to three days. She tolerated her surgery well and was discharged home from the recovery room. She had an uneventful recovery. She is now four months out from her tummy tuck and liposuction and is ecstatic with her new figure. Surgeon: Dr. Arun Rao Age: 63 Gender: Female


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