Petite woman looking for results with Liposuction in Tucson, Az

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This is a 29 year old woman that came to Rao Plastic Surgery in Tucson, AZ to discuss options to address stubborn areas of fat in her abdomen, back, and flanks. She worked out daily and watched what she ate, but had some areas on her body that she could not improve the contour. In her initial consultation I learned that she did not have any prior surgeries nor had she been pregnant. On exam she had some areas of mild lipodystrophy. We discussed her options including Coolsculpting and liposuction. I explained that Coolsculpting would get her a great result and would not require any down time. I explained that liposuction would involve a general anesthesia and there would be some restrictions after surgery, but the results would be more dramatic liposuction. She was looking for a more dramatic result and I felt that liposuction would better achieve her aesthetic goals. She underwent 360 degree circumferential liposuction of her abdomen, flanks, and back at a surgery center in Tucson,AZ. She did well and was discharged home shortly after surgery. She was placed in a garment at her first postoperative appointment. Her recovery was uneventful and she is now three months out from surgery and loves her figure.


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