Breast Augmentation and Lift in Tucson, AZ*

Procedure Details


This is a 31 year-old woman living in Tucson, AZ that came to our Rao Plastic Surgery office to find out more about getting a breast augmentation.  She was currently an A or a B cup depending on the bra and was looking to be a full D cup. She had breastfed and did not have any prior medical issues with her breasts. Upon examination I noted that she had some asymmetry between her breasts. Her right breast was slightly smaller than her left and her left nipple areola complex was larger than her right. After taking measurements of her breasts I used those measurements to make recommendations on what implants would work well for her body. The measurements did reveal that her left breast and left nipple areola complex were larger. After trying on implant sizers, she liked the appearance of a 450 cc implant. Her upper pole pinch test was greater than 2 cm so we discussed that she could be a candidate for either a subfascial or submuscular placement of the implant without the risk of visible wrinkling or rippling of the implant.  In addition to a breast augmentation I recommended a left periareolar mastopexy to decrease the size of the left nipple areola complex, as to better match the right areola. I explained that with a breast augmentation the added volume provided by the implant will increase the nipple size slightly and would further accentuate the asymmetry.  She underwent a subfascial breast augmentation at a surgery center in Tucson, AZ.  Using an inframammary incision, I created a subfascial pocket and placed a 445 cc smooth round medium profile Natrelle Inspira implant on the right side using a Keller funnel. On the left side I placed a 405 cc smooth round medium profile Natrelle Inspira implant using a Keller funnel. Prior to placing the permanent implants, I used implants sizers and sat the patient up in surgery to determine which size implants would give her the best balance.

After her implants were placed I closed her inframammary incisions and then I performed the periareolar mastopexy on the left. She tolerated the surgery well and was discharged home after a short stint in recovery.   She is now five months out from surgery and is loving her results!


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