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This is a 45 year old woman from Tucson, Arizona that came to Rao Plastic Surgery because she was interested in a breast reduction. She had been experiencing severe back, neck, and shoulder pain as a result of her large, pendulous breasts. Her symptoms were not just limited to back and neck pain, she also had bra strap grooving and would frequently get rashes in her inferior breast folds. She was a G cup and was looking to be a small D or a full C cup. On physical exam she did not have any masses in her breasts. She did have significant asymmetry between her breasts; her right breast was significantly larger than her left. As we reviewed her photos I explained that she was a great candidate for a breast reduction. I explained that I would use a medial pedicle to maintain the perfusion to her nipple, and that I would use a Wise pattern or anchor technique to perform her reduction. Her breast reduction was performed at an outpatient surgery center in Tucson, Arizona. She tolerated her surgery very well. Due to the preoperative size discrepancy I removed different amounts of breast tissue from each breast. On the right side I removed 1.75 pounds of breast tissue, and on the left side I removed 1.5 pounds of breast tissue.She is now five months out from her breast reduction surgery and she loves the way her breasts look, and she is so grateful for the resolution of her back and neck pain!


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