Upper Blepharoplasty, Refreshed look in Tucson, Az

Procedure Details

This is a 48 year old gentleman living in Tucson, Arizona that had come to Rao Plastic Surgery because he did not like the appearance of his upper eyelids. He had excess skin that resulted in hooding of his upper eyelid, which made him look older than he actually was. He also felt like it was affecting his field of vision, he could see the overhanging skin in his peripheral vision. In our initial consultation he did not have any history of dry eyes or a significant ocular history. I had explained that excess upper eyelid skin is something that we all develop as we get older, but in the people who prematurely develop it is often the result of genetics. On examination, I noted that he did have significant amount of excess skin in his upper eyelid skin. He did not have any ptosis, drooping of his eyelid, that also needed to be corrected. His eyebrows were in good position as well. After my exam, I explained that he would benefit from an upper lid blepharoplasty or eyelid lift. I explained that a blepharoplasty or eyelid lift involves excising excess skin from the upper eyelid where the scar ends up camouflaged in the upper eyelid skin crease. He underwent his surgery at an outpatient surgery center in Tucson, Arizona. He was discharged from the surgery center after about an hour in recovery. He had an uneventful recovery and is now eight months out from his eyelid lift. He loves that his eyes looks refreshed and he feels that he looks so much younger now.


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