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This patient is a 23 year old woman that came to our Tucson, Arizona office and was interested in a rhinoplasty. In our initial consultation I learned that she was unhappy with the appearance of a hump on her nose. She was also interested in improving the definition of the tip. Upon further questioning I learned that she did not have any problems breathing through her nose and she did not suffer from seasonal allergies. She did not have any previous trauma to her nose. On exam she had a dorsal hump. Her nasal bones were slightly wide and her alar base width was within normal limits. She had a bulbous tip and was interested in better definition of her tip. Her intranasal exam did not reveal any septal deviation. During our consultation I explained that I would use an open rhinoplasty to address her dorsal hump and to improve the tip definition. Her surgery was performed at an outpatient surgery center in Tucson, Arizona. During her surgery I reduced the bony and cartilaginous components of her dorsal hump. In order to achieve better tip definition I trimmed the upper edge of her lower lateral cartilage to rotate her tip slightly up. I also used suture to reshape her nasal tip. She is now seven months out from her rhinoplasty. She loves how we were able to modify her nose and achieve the improvements she was hoping to make, while also maintaining the characteristics that she liked about her nose. Surgeon: Dr. Arun Rao Age: 23 Gender: Female


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