Rhinoplasty in Tucson, AZ

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This is a twenty-eight-year-old woman from Tucson, Arizona came to Rao Plastic Surgery to discuss a rhinoplasty. She did not like the hump on her nose and she felt that her nostrils were too wide. She denied any trauma to her nose and was not experiencing any breathing problems. During her consultation, her exam revealed that she had a dorsal hump that was from a combination of cartilage and bones. She did not have any septal deviation and her nostrils were wide for her face. I reviewed her photos with her and I explained that I did feel that we could address her aesthetic concerns through a rhinoplasty. She underwent an open rhinoplasty at a surgery center in Tucson, Arizona. During her rhinoplasty, I removed her dorsal hump and did osteotomies. To address the width of her nose, I performed alar base resection. She did not require any internal nasal packing and she had a nasal splint to protect her nasal bones. She tolerated her surgery well and was discharged home from the recovery room. Her postoperative course was uneventful and her splint was removed after one week. She is now seven months out from her rhinoplasty and loves how her nose looks. Surgeon: Dr. Arun Rao Age: 28 Gender: Female


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