Brazilian Butt Lifts in Tucson, AZ

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When Jennifer Lopez hit the red carpet back in the late 1990s there was a paradigm shift in the field of plastic surgery. Women all over the world were trying to copy Jennifer Lopez aesthetic look with round and full buttocks. Women were quick to realize that no matter how much they focused their exercise regimen on their buttock they realized that they were not achieving look they desired. The best option to help women achieve a rounder and fuller buttocks has been by performing a Brazilian butt lift or BBL. A Brazilian butt lift involves liposuction of fat from various areas of the body.

The fat that is harvested from liposuction is then transferred to shape and sculpt the buttocks. Of the fat that gets transferred about 50-70% of that fat will take and remain to add shape to your buttock. While the fat is critical to shaping the buttocks liposuction also plays a crucial role by narrowing the waist line and contouring the thighs to help accentuate the volume that is added in a Brazilian butt lift. During your initial consult I learn about your aesthetic goals. I perform a complete exam of not only the buttocks but the areas where I will be liposuction. There needs to be sufficient fat stores which can be liposuctioned and in turn that fat is transferred to the buttocks. The amount of fat that you have dictates the amount of volume that can be added to the buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure and is performed at a surgery center in Tucson. After surgery you are placed in a compressive garment and you are discharged after an hour or so in the recovery room of the outpatient surgery center. In order to maximize fat take it is critical that you stay off your buttock as much as possible.

As a result that means sleeping on your side or stomach. When you sit we recommend you place pillows under your thighs to take pressure off you buttocks. Pressure on that buttock will lead to increase loss of volume. After several weeks it becomes apparent what fat will survive. Once you get past the initial phase that fat is now permanent and you will enjoy a fuller more defined buttock.

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