How Easy Is Tummy Fat Removal With CoolSculpting?

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If you are struggling to eliminate small pockets of fat in the abdomen, you are not alone. Although eating right and exercising regularly are important for getting the body shape that you want, some areas can’t be reached through traditional weight loss. CoolSculpting is a breakthrough procedure for fat removal that is offered by Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery. This treatment works by freezing away fat cells without the use of needles or general anesthesia.

To complete this body contouring procedure, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao uses a technique that involves regulated cooling to freeze fat cells, causing them to be expelled from the body naturally over time. At our facility, we offer advanced CoolSculpting methods to help you meet your aesthetic goals and slim down your tummy. Learn more about the process by scheduling a consultation in Tucson, AZ and decide if this is right for you.

Candidates for nonsurgical body contouring

CoolSculpting procedures are safe and effective FDA-cleared treatments that use controlled cooling to target body fat nearly anywhere in the body. Results are noticeable and long-lasting, so patients will look and feel great for years to come. When you come in for your CoolSculpting consultation with Dr. Rao, we can examine the area and learn more about your medical history to determine if this is right for you. Men and women in good general health are ideal candidates for this procedure. Popular treatment areas include the abdomen as well as the flanks and thighs.

Those who will benefit most from CoolSculpting are within 30 pounds of their goal weight and are not interested in invasive surgery to get rid of their belly fat. The staff at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery will review the treatment with you and give you realistic expectations about the outcome. One of the benefits of noninvasive tummy fat removal is that when compared to other procedures such as liposuction or abdominoplasty, there is less time spent healing or in recovery. In the weeks following your CoolSculpting appointment, your body will safely process and remove fat cells.

About noninvasive tummy fat removal

CoolSculpting can be a very simple and relaxed experience at our office in Tucson, AZ. Patients can schedule their sessions in the middle of the week or when it is most convenient for their schedule. The length of the session may vary based on the number of areas being treated during your visit. Dr. Rao will begin by applying the applicator and gel pad to the skin and beginning the process of controlled cooling, causing the fat cells to freeze. The device uses a suction sensation to keep the area steady, which you may feel during the appointment. During this time, patients are free to browse the internet, read a book, or listen to music in their treatment chair.

CoolSculpting aftercare and follow-up

Although this noninvasive tummy fat removal treatment requires no incisions, patients should expect some mild side effects after CoolSculpting. This includes some discoloration and swelling that lasts for about a week. Other side effects include redness or a stinging sensation in the treatment area. You can, however, return to your day as normal following your appointment. Body contouring results can be seen in as few as three weeks, but the most optimal outcome appears 1 – 3 months after the last treatment has concluded.

The number of treatments necessary to achieve the desired results is decided during the consultation with Dr. Rao. Some people may require one session while others need several to get rid of tummy fat for good. The good news is that once the destroyed fat cells are gone, they are gone for good. The staff at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery does recommend keeping a steady diet and exercise program after CoolSculpting since the remaining fat cells can grow with weight gain. For questions or concerns about CoolSculpting procedures, simply reach out and speak with one of our professionals.

Reach out for your consultation

If you are frustrated with unwanted belly fat, we encourage you to contact award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao for CoolSculpting procedures. With our state-of-the-art technology and tools, Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery can slim down your figure through noninvasive body contouring methods. Contact us in Tucson, AZ, for your appointment today. We also employ bilingual Spanish speaking staff for your convenience. Our plastic surgery office is excited to help you improve your appearance and confidence level with CoolSculpting.

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