How Long is Recovery After Full Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery?

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Have you been considering full mommy makeover plastic surgery to get your body back? Are you curious about what can be done during this life-changing procedure and how long the recovery will take? Full mommy makeover plastic surgery combines two or more cosmetic procedures in one surgical setting, offering a rejuvenating experience for women to achieve a more fit, trim, and younger-looking appearance. It is one of the most sought after surgical procedures among female patients today. This comprehensive approach for women struggling with deflated breasts, loose skin in their abdominal areas, or stubborn pockets of unwanted fat due to pregnancy or age can be customized to address various areas of the body. Since each patient has unique goals for their mommy makeover, which can include breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, body contouring, and skin tightening, mommy makeover recovery varies from patient to patient.

Age, pregnancy, fluctuating hormones, and weight gain are some of the reasons why women experience changes to their bodies. During a personal one-on-one consultation at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery in Tucson, AZ, award-winning and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao will answer your questions and thoroughly discuss various options for a full mommy makeover to address your concerns. If you're frustrated with what you see in the mirror, contact Dr. Rao today and begin your journey to a better-looking you.

Read on to learn more about full mommy makeover plastic surgery, including how long you should plan for mommy makeover recovery time.

What is a full mommy makeover?

Mommy makeovers utilize different cosmetic procedures to help women overcome different challenges when it comes to their bodies. While a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can help, some women struggle with sagging breasts, loose abdominal skin, or other aesthetic issues due to having children or the natural process of aging. Full mommy makeover plastic surgery is a customized approach that is cost-effective for women to get cosmetic help with specific areas on their body, while only having one recovery period. The decision to proceed with this type of surgical procedure takes a considerable amount of thought and planning. Working closely with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Rao, will help you determine the right combination of options to get optimal results. Some of the most popular choices among Tucson, AZ women for their full mommy makeover include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift (with or without breast implants)
  • Breast reduction + lift
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Labiaplasty (vaginal rejuvenation)
  • BOTOX®, dermal fillers, or other nonsurgical alternatives for facial rejuvenation

What kind of mommy makeover recovery time can I expect?

Ideal candidates for this sort of body contouring surgery are healthy women who have maintained their target body weight for six months or longer and have realistic expectations. Since every full mommy makeover plastic surgery is an individualized plan, the recovery time will be based upon the patient's procedures. However, most Tucson, AZ women can expect to take about two weeks off work or regular activities to recover at home and get plenty of rest. As patients continue to improve over the next few weeks, they can gradually increase their physical action under Dr. Rao's guidance. It takes about 3 – 4 months to fully recover and return to normal activities, although it can take 6 –12 months to fully see the final results.

What are some tips for a smooth recovery?

Full mommy makeover plastic surgery is a cost-effective, convenient way for women to restore and rejuvenate their appearance and requires only one recovery period. However, patients must plan ahead for a successful recovery. Here are some helpful tips.

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • After two weeks, slowly get back to a normal routine to prevent unnecessary complications.
  • Follow all post-op guidelines and instructions provided by Dr. Rao.
  • Stay hydrated, avoid heavy lifting, and take all medications as prescribed.

Patients should keep their post-operative schedule and avoid skipping any follow-up appointments, allowing Dr. Rao to be with you each step of your journey. If you are interested in full mommy makeover plastic surgery or have additional questions, we invite you to call today and schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery.

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