Refresh Your Facial Appearance With A Liquid Facelift

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It's no secret that your skin is one of the first things people notice about you. Since your appearance can make or break how others perceive you, it's important to look your best. Whether you're a Hollywood A-lister or simply want to get your complexion back on track in Tucson, AZ, the popular liquid facelift near me may be able to help.

Unlike traditional facelifts, which are expensive and painful, cosmetic injectables are easy and can be performed in just one office visit. So, if you're ready to address problems like hollow cheeks and smile lines, call Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery for a liquid facelift. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao is ready to bring back your youthful glow.

What's a liquid facelift?

A liquid facelift is a modern alternative to traditional facelift surgery. It uses a combination of wrinkle relaxer injections and dermal fillers to smooth and tighten the skin. We use a variety of injectables, like BOTOX, XEOMIN®, JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and RADIESSE®. When administered in the right areas, liquid facelifts can be used to treat signs of aging in Tucson, AZ, such as:

  • Mild to moderate sagging skin

  • Bumps, pits, and other skin irregularities

  • Deep wrinkles or folds around the mouth, nose, or eyes

  • Gaunt or hollow facial features

  • Dark circles and under-eye bags

Should I have wrinkle relaxers or dermal fillers?

The combination of BOTOX wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers is designed to restore your skin's natural volume, firmness, and smoothness. One way to know which injectable is right for you is during an appointment with Dr. Rao. We can discuss your problem areas and how we can achieve results using one or a combination of the products mentioned above.

Wrinkle relaxer injections are used to relax the underlying muscle on certain parts of the face, which reduces wrinkles by temporarily preventing further movement. BOTOX is most effective for unwanted frown lines, forehead creases, and Crow's feet around the eyes.

Fillers can be used to plump your features with a product called hyaluronic acid. This substance occurs naturally in the body and adds volume to give your skin a fuller look. Dermal fillers can treat smile lines, sunken cheeks, lips, and under-eye bags.

What to expect from a liquid facelift

Before your liquid facelift begins, Dr. Rao may provide a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. We then clean and mark the different treatment areas for the most precise results possible.

A liquid facelift near me is designed to be minimally invasive. Wrinkle relaxer injections are normally placed in areas that are most affected by aging, like near the mouth, brows, temples, cheeks, and even along the jawline. Treatment can last a few months based on your age and the type of injectables used. Dermal fillers may last longer. We can let you know when to return for possible touch-ups.

Restore your appearance and youth

If you want to drastically refresh your appearance, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao can show you how. Our liquid facelift near me is one of the newest and most innovative cosmetic treatments available. It’s an extremely effective option for people who want to look years younger without going under the knife. Contact Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery and speak with one of our English or Spanish-speaking team members for an appointment in Tucson, AZ.

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