One of the most common complaints among post-pregnancy women is loose skin that causes the breasts to sag and hang down. Sagging can be mild to severe and lead to problems, like chafing and discomfort. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao is proud to perform breast lift surgery for women who are unhappy with the overall shape and appearance of their breasts.

Do you have a severe case of saggy breasts? The good news is that no one is “too saggy” for cosmetic surgery at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery. We know how to make your breasts look and feel youthful again in Tucson, AZ.

Below, our team explores the reasons why women’s breasts sag and droop, along with how we approach these issues through advanced treatment options. Call for a consultation and see if you’re a candidate today.

What causes saggy breasts?

A woman’s breasts go through many biological changes when they become pregnant. Hormones cause the breasts to become larger and heavier in preparation for breastfeeding. Unfortunately, the breasts may never return to their pre-pregnancy state, even after nursing has stopped and hormones have returned to normal.

Gravity, dramatic weight loss, and natural aging are other factors that take a toll on our skin and prevent the breast tissue from staying firm and strong. The nipples and areolas also lose shape and tend to point downward.

How does breast lift surgery help?

Saggy breasts create a host of problems that affect your quality of life in Tucson, AZ. For example, the weight from excess skin may lead to back pain and poor posture. Loose skin can also cause chafing, which leads to rashes.

A breast lift removes excess loose skin and tightens the remaining underlying tissue to create a lifted look. This cosmetic surgery allows the breasts to become perkier, more attractive, and better-proportioned with your body. The nipple-areola complex is also repositioned to a natural position on the breast.

In some cases, Dr. Rao may recommend breast augmentation at the same time as a breast lift. Breast implants add more volume and dimension to the breasts, creating an overall better shape. Implants can also increase the size of smaller breasts to make them fuller and more desirable.

Are my breasts too saggy?

Everyone’s breasts sag to a certain degree, but some are more dissatisfied with their appearance than others. As we mentioned, no one is “too saggy” for a breast lift. Dr. Rao can perform a breast assessment to see if you’re a good candidate for surgery. Only patients in good health can move forward with the procedure. Because pregnancy and breastfeeding can alter your results, we recommend waiting until after you have completed childbearing to schedule a procedure.

Patients may benefit from alternative options, like butt implants, if they don’t have enough fat for a BBL. However, some women are not interested in implants and prefer to use their own tissue. For those patients, we may recommend butt lift surgery.

Butt lift surgery removes excess skin and fat from the buttocks while tightening the surrounding tissue. This results in an enhanced, lifted look with improved contours. Patients with wrinkled or sagging skin in the buttocks are ideal candidates for this procedure.

What results should I expect from a breast lift?

Many women hope to regain their pre-pregnancy appearance after breast lift surgery. While this is not guaranteed, you can still expect your breasts to feel and look more youthful after cosmetic surgery. The tissue will feel more supported, and the breasts will become more attractive and shapely.

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Saggy breasts can make a woman feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. At Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery in Tucson, AZ, we offer a variety of procedures to help women look and feel beautiful again. To learn more, we invite you to set up a consultation with one of our bilingual English and Spanish-speaking staff members. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao is happy to provide patients with a renewed sense of confidence.


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