We frequently have patients who come in to Rao Plastic Surgery stating they do not like the way their arms look in photos. Getting toned and well defined arms is a common goal for both women and men. A frequent complaint we see is stubborn fat on the undersurface of the arms that make people unsatisfied with the appearance of their arms in sleeveless clothes. In the past the only way to address that stubborn fat was with liposuction or brachioplasty. Coolsculpting has just received FDA approval for applying their cryolipolysis technology to the arms.

During your consultation we assess your areas of concern. I analyze the skin laxity and areas of unwanted fat to determine if Coolsculpting is the best way to achieve your aesthetic goals. After that I review with the patient how Coolsculpting technology works. We apply one of our applicators to the arm and it pulls in the tissue and freezes the fat which starts the cascade of fat cell death. It takes up to three months for those fat cells that are treated to disappear. The treatment time takes about 35 minutes per arm. After treatment of each arm there is a two minute manual massage which aides in the death of fat cells. During the entire treatment you are resting comfortably in our dedicated Coolsculpting room where you can read, watch television or just relax.

Coolsculpting Arms

The staff at Rao Plastic Surgery will attend to your every need. Once the treatment is done you are free to go about your day – you can go for a run, pick up kids from school, or go back to work. The great thing about Coolsculpting is that there is no downtime. We call to check on you the day after the procedure. You come back for a follow up at one month and three months. Over a three month period of time you will start to notice sleeker and slimmer arms.


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