Are you tired of the looking older then you actually are? Or do people think you look angry all the time? Wrinkles in your upper face and forehead can give the appearance that you are tired or unapproachable. The best way to soften those wrinkles and to prevent them from worsening would be with Botox. Botox is a synthetically derived chemical whose purpose is to stop the activity of the muscles which are causing the wrinkles. Botox is primarily indicated for the upper third of the face. Botox is most commonly administered in the forehead, glabella (area between the eyebrows), and the crow’s feet (area lateral to the eyes). Botox is administered via an injection into the muscles.

The pain from injection is minimal, and there are things that we do at Rao Plastic Surgery to minimize your pain such as icing the area beforehand, using a topical numbing cream, and a massager. Ice acts like an anesthetic to decrease feeling in the area to be injected. The numbing cream has a local anesthetic as part of the cream and will cause the area that is going to be injected to become numb.

The third tool we use is a massager which stimulates the nerves in the areas of injection thus giving the nerves stimuli so they do not register the stimuli from the needle. At Rao Plastic Surgery when we see you for the first time for Botox we use the average amount of units that it typically takes to eliminate activity. On occasion patients may have residual activity and those patients may require additional units to completely block the muscle activity. Muscle strength between people vary and some people require a different number of units to achieve complete paralysis of their muscle. After your first treatment then I have a better handle on the number of units that works best for you. So, for future treatments we have an individualized treatment plan to get you the best result.

It can take Botox anywhere from four days to two weeks before the muscles are paralyzed and you notice a softening of wrinkles. The recovery after Botox is pretty quick, you may have some slight swelling or bruising after your treatment. We recommend that you avoid bending over for six hours after your Botox treatment and avoid any saunas or strenuous exercise for 24 hours. Excessive heat can theoretically inactivate the Botox. We typically have you come back to the office at two weeks to evaluate if you any residual activity that needs additional units. The results from Botox typically last from three to four months. You will enjoy all of the compliments about how great and refreshed you look.


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