Many people consider wrinkles and fine lines to be the most common signs of aging. When volume loss causes sagging skin in addition to wrinkles, a surgical fat transfer works wonders to restore your youth. This innovative treatment removes excess fat from one area and reforms it in another. Men and women can enjoy a fuller appearance in their faces, hands, buttocks, and other areas.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao uses proven techniques to provide effective fat transfer results for each patient. However, you should still anticipate some mild side effects while in recovery. Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery can review these details and more when you come in for a fat transfer consultation in Tucson, AZ. Our staff is dedicated to your overall success and health.

What happens during a fat transfer?

Fat can be found everywhere on the body, but not everyone is happy with where it is placed. For example, excess fat on the abdomen or thighs can make you seem overweight, while volume loss in the face or breasts can make you appear older. During a surgical fat transfer, the unwanted fat is removed and then transferred to create a plumper look. A fat transfer is also great for patients who want some augmentation without foreign implants or fillers.

A fat transfer can be performed in larger or smaller places based on your goals. Patients can even augment delicate areas, such as the cheeks or under the eyelids. Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery begins treatment using anesthesia or another numbing method, then incorporates a liposuction technique to precisely extract fat. Afterward, the harvested fat is administered into the designated areas until the desired look has been achieved.

What are common fat transfer side effects?

Dr. Rao provides detailed post-procedure instructions so patients can know what to expect and get the most optimal fat transfer results. Both surgical sites may be bruised and swollen for several days or weeks, so patients should take a short vacation from work so they can rest and properly heal. Keep in mind it may take longer for larger areas to recover from a fat transfer. Some known fat transfer side effects in Tucson, AZ, include:

How can I make fat transfer recovery easier?

There are ways to speed up your fat transfer recovery timeline at home. Remember to follow these instructions and contact our office if you experience any concerning side effects, such as extensive bleeding or signs of infection:

Enjoy smooth fat transfer results

Excess fat and volume loss can make you feel self-conscious. A surgical fat transfer, when performed by a skilled practitioner, can provide a fuller and more youthful look to your face and body. While Dr. Arun Rao does everything possible to make sure patients experience minimal fat transfer side effects, patients should still expect some bruising and swelling. Learn more from Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery by calling a member of our experienced team in Tucson, AZ. We are proud to employ bilingual staff to work with English and Spanish-speaking patients.


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