Do you feel self-conscious about your tummy? Sometimes, no matter how much effort we put into working our core, it’s not enough to achieve the results we want. This can cause frustration and prevent individuals from showing off their body confidently. Tummy tuck surgery can be a great solution for both men and women who want to gain more definition to their midsection. If you are considering a tummy tuck and have questions about recovery time and side effects, call Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery in Tucson, AZ. Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao will be happy to discuss your unique goals and whether tummy tuck surgery is right for you.

How does a tummy tuck work?

A tummy tuck is an outpatient surgery that uses general anesthesia and takes about 1 – 5 hours, depending on the case. First, Dr. Rao will use specialized techniques to surgically remove excess skin and small pockets of fat. Then, the remaining tissue will be pulled taut to achieve a tighter appearance. The incisions will be closed and dressed. From there, patients will be monitored before they are released to go home.

Tightness after a tummy tuck

After a tummy tuck, it’s normal to experience abdominal tightness. When any type of incision is created, the nerves are severed. This is unavoidable. In regard to a tummy tuck, abdominal tightness is the result of nerve damage. But, as you heal, this sensation will dissipate. Patients can expect to feel abdominal tightness for 6 – 12 weeks. In some cases, it can take up to a year to regain normal nerve function. While this can seem alarming, it’s a natural part of the healing process. Other factors that can contribute to abdominal tightness include muscle tightening and the skin being pulled tight and stitched together. Again, as the body recovers, these sensations should improve.

Treatments to ease tightness

There are several treatments that can help ease abdominal tightness after tummy tuck surgery. This generally involves at-home care, like dry brushing and massaging. Both of these methods help increase blood circulation and prompts lymph drainage for natural detoxification. The physical contact will also help stimulate the nervous system and make you feel more relaxed. If these methods aren’t providing the relief you need, Dr. Rao may recommend prescription medication. During your follow-up exams, let Dr. Rao know how you are feeling so he can determine which therapies may provide you with the most benefits.

Tummy tuck recovery: factors to consider

Each patient is different, which means recovery will vary for everyone. There are several things to consider:

  1. The type of tummy tuck you received
  2. Your overall health
  3. Age
  4. Post-surgery care

At Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery, we recommend that patients make it their top goal to rest and recover after surgery. Allowing your body optimal time to heal will actually help speed up your recovery. If you have any questions regarding your progress, do not hesitate to call our office in Tucson, AZ. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Tummy tuck Tucson, AZ

Discover all you need to know prior to undergoing a tummy tuck by scheduling a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao. Dr. Rao and our team at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery are dedicated to educating our clients so they can make well-informed decisions regarding their cosmetic goals. Call our office in Tucson, AZ today.


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