It is no secret that pregnancy can alter the body in many different ways. With weight fluctuations and hormonal changes, it’s not uncommon for women to feel less than confident about their appearance. A mommy makeover surgery at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery may be the answer you’ve been looking for. When stretch marks and sagging skin have caused frustration, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao works with women to help them regain their pre-baby silhouette in Tucson, AZ. This body contouring treatment blends skin tightening and fat reduction techniques to target the abdomen, breasts, and other areas often affected by pregnancy. Contact our office to learn more about this transformative surgery and schedule your one-on-one consultation.

Custom procedures for your unique body

Unlike other aesthetic surgeries such as a facelift or rhinoplasty, a mommy makeover is not just one specific procedure. Actually, it is a whole suite of procedures performed at the same time. Mommy makeovers are personalized to fit a patient’s needs and goals based on their unique problem areas. The best candidates for a full mommy makeover are healthy enough to undergo surgery and are at or near their goal weight. Dr. Rao determines which procedures are most appropriate at the initial consultation and medical assessment. This may include some or all of the following:

Breast augmentation surgery and lift

Many women experience either sagging skin or a loss of volume in the breasts following childbirth and nursing. Breast augmentation surgery and lift allow patients to address both issues in just one procedure. Dr. Rao will review options for augmentation with saline or silicone implants to transform the shape and size of the breasts. This is what makes them appear larger and fuller. At the same time, a breast lift eliminates sagging or deflated skin for a perkier appearance. A mommy makeover surgery may also include a repositioning of the nipple-areola complex to a more appropriate position on the chest.

Tummy tuck skin tightening surgery

Women who struggle with stretched abdominal skin and muscles may benefit from a tummy tuck skin tightening procedure for a smoother, tauter contour. There are three main types of tummy tucks, including full, mini, and extended, which are chosen depending on a patient’s main cosmetic concerns. A full tummy tuck is a wonderful option for fixing issues in the upper and lower abdomen while a mini tummy tuck is more ideal for concerns below the belly button, often called a “pooch.” An extended tummy tuck addresses the abdomen, hips, and upper thighs for a fuller procedure.

Liposuction fat removal

Surgical liposuction reduces stubborn pockets of fat from areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks for a slimmer appearance. With liposuction, Dr. Rao can improve contours and proportions when diet and exercise are simply not enough to reduce fat in the body. This procedure is performed when a thin tube called a cannula is inserted through small incisions to remove fat from the treatment area. Liposuction is often performed at the same time as other surgeries, such as a tummy tuck, for more dramatic results in Tucson, AZ.

Mommy makeover surgery and recovery

Mommy makeover is a body contouring surgery performed while the patient is under general anesthesia, usually taking 3 – 7 hours, based on the number of treatments. In addition to breast surgery, tummy tuck skin tightening, and liposuction, nonsurgical services such as injectables may also become an essential part of the full mommy makeover. Injectables are useful for softening facial lines so women can feel refreshed and rejuvenated again. Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery will make sure you are fully prepared for surgery and recovery.

It is important to follow Dr. Rao’s post-operative instructions for recovery to facilitate the healing process. Though the primary recovery could take months, many can return to a normal routine in just a few weeks. Try to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting to prevent damage to the treatment area; this is especially true of tummy tuck patients since the abdomen will be sensitive at this time. It may be helpful to get help with meal preparation and household chores as needed. That being said, taking short walks is a great way to encourage healthy circulation and prevent blood clots.

Feel more confident with a full mommy makeover

Feeling discouraged by their post-baby bodies, many women face issues with body image and self-esteem. Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery believes that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Problems such as deflated breasts and sagging skin can be fixed with a plan that meets your expectations. A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgery and body contouring procedure that is designed to return your body and self-confidence.

Using the latest technology and medical breakthroughs, it is possible to achieve a slimmer figure once again after pregnancy. Dr. Rao offers breast augmentation surgery with lift, liposuction fat removal, tummy tuck skin tightening, and more at our friendly and professional facility. Learn more about getting a full mommy makeover procedure in Tucson, AZ. Our practice employs bilingual Spanish-speaking staff for your convenience.


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