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WHAT IS Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed throughout the country, and in many cases, it produces terrific outcomes. However, some situations may arise where a patient may require revision breast surgery, such as sagging of breast tissue, capsular contracture, implant rupture, or desire to increase or decrease the size of the implant. These issues can be remedied with breast revision surgery. All in all, there are many factors that could lead a patient to desire changes to her original augmentation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao offers breast revision surgery at Rao Plastic Surgery so that the appropriate outcome is achieved. If you've got a question or concern relating to your augmented breasts, whether or not Dr. Rao was your original surgeon, call our Tucson, AZ office and schedule your one-on-one consultation. Dr. Rao will perform a thorough evaluation of your breasts and help you decide the best course of action.

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What are the benefits of getting a breast revision?

Dr. Rao urges his patients to consider a breast revision if any of the following benefits are appealing:

  • Added volume or curves to fill in areas that are not satisfactory
  • Ability to reconstruct breasts following a mastectomy
  • Correct or revise complications from a previous surgery
  • Gain confidence and enjoyment out of your custom breast revision

WHO IS A CANDIDATE FOR breast revision?

If you have any problems (whether they are medical or aesthetic) related to your breast implants, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Rao to go over your concerns and goals and to develop your personalized treatment plan for breast revision surgery. Whether you're worried about scarring, drooping, sagging, rippling, or asymmetry, revision surgery can help address the issue and produce a gorgeous and healthy outcome. This procedure can also help if you are looking to change the size, shape, or profile of your breasts. Because each patient's concerns with the end result of their augmentation are unique to their situation, there is a range of treatment options available. Dr. Rao can help you achieve the breasts you want even if he wasn't your original surgeon.

Common Reasons for breast Revision

Breast revision surgery can be performed for many reasons. Here are a few common cases in which a revision procedure could be sought out.

Bottoming Out

Bottoming out is a condition that happens when one or both breasts drop too low or "bottom out." This is typically the result of the weight of the implant causing the weakening of the tissue along the breast fold, leading to the implant sitting lower on the breast than intended. 

Breast Size

There are times when secondary breast surgery is as simple as receiving a smaller or larger sized implant. During the original procedure, you may have opted to go too small or too large, resulting in a less impactful outcome. In this case, a new breast implant size can be selected and placed to achieve your desired look.

Capsular Contracture

This is the term used for scar tissue hardening, occurring when the delicate tissue around the saline or silicone implant becomes hard and thickens. Although many implant surgeries do result in some internal scar tissue, most women will never see or feel it. In some instances, the scarring can change the breast shape and implant position. To address the development of capsular contracture, the capsule/scar tissue is removed and a new implant is placed in a newly created pocket. 


In some cases, the reason why a woman elected to have a breast augmentation is no longer applicable. With aging, weight gain, and/or pregnancy, breast size can increase, making the need for the additional volume no longer necessary. If implants are no longer desired, they can be removed with an outpatient procedure. 

Implant Rippling

This condition occurs when there are obvious ripples and wrinkles beneath the skin. This irregularity generally forms just along the edging of the implant. Rippling is more common in patients who are of low body weight. Often, this condition can be fixed by either changing the implant pocket or by using a more cohesive implant.

Implant Rupture

Even though this is uncommon, implant rupture can possibly occur. If a saline implant type ruptures, deflation will take place almost immediately. Therefore, a visible appearance will be noticed. On the other hand, if the implant is silicone based and ruptures, it is only typically identifiable with imaging studies. Whether silicone or saline, if a rupture happens, a corrective procedure will be required.


Symmastia is a condition that develops when the pocket between the two implants communicate. This can occur when large implants are used or an attempt is made to create significant cleavage. A revision treatment can correct this problem by choosing an implant that fits your body type and by controlling the pocket in which the implant sits. 

What results can I expect from breast revision?

After your surgery and an observation period, you will be released to start your recovery at home. Downtime from a revision surgery will vary, depending on the complexity of your surgery. Revision surgery that warrants complex revision techniques will require a longer recovery period that could possibly take up to several months. You should begin to see the results of your breast revision procedure once the swelling begins to go down. Dr. Rao will go over what you can expect to see post-op and give you recommendations to help speed along your healing. You should dutifully attend your follow-up appointments as directed so Dr. Rao can assess your recovery and results.

Breast revision FAQ

How much does breast revision surgery cost?
The cost of breast revision surgery can vary greatly, depending on what needs to be done. During your consultation, Dr. Rao will listen to your concerns and goals before performing a physical examination to assess your implants. Then, he will discuss your options before developing your surgical plan. The cost of revision surgery will depend on the complexity of the procedure, as well as what you choose for your new implants. It is best to focus on getting the results you want by finding an experienced plastic surgeon rather than the least costly alternative. Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery accepts many different payment methods, and we can help you find low-interest financing.

What if Dr. Rao wasn't my original surgeon?
Dr. Rao can perform your revision surgery even if he wasn't the surgeon who did your original breast augmentation. Breast revision surgery can be more complex than the original augmentation if you want dramatic changes or have problems so it's best to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Rao, who has years of advanced training with breast surgery and general cosmetic revisions. Dr. Rao welcomes his patients to return to Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery for revision surgery after their augmentation if they have a problem or desire a change.

What about loose skin?
If you are having your implants removed or are changing to a significantly smaller size, you may need to have excess skin removed during your surgery. After listening to your goals and assessing your current implants, Dr. Rao can discuss the need for a breast lift to remove loose skin. If you lose a significant amount of weight, become pregnant, or breastfeed after augmentation surgery, a revision with a lift can help you get better results.

Will there be new scars?
When possible, Dr. Rao will make incisions for revision surgery in the original augmentation incisions. If this is not possible, he will place the new incisions where they will be less visible. Breast revision surgery scars will be dictated by the procedures Dr. Rao feels would be necessary to achieve your aesthetic results. Dr. Rao will go over post-op scar care management instructions so your incisions heal smoothly and blend well into your skin.

Do I have to change my implants?
While implants can last a long time, they may need to be replaced at some point. After augmentation surgery, it is important to have your implants checked regularly so Dr. Rao can help you decide when your implants should be switched out. With so many advances in the medical field, you may want to consider the newest implant shapes and types to achieve your best look during breast revision surgery.

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Improve your breast appearance

Breast revision surgery is a customized procedure that is uniquely tailored to meet your aesthetic goals. If you notice a visible defect with your breast implants or desire a different appearance altogether, we welcome you to get in touch with our Tucson, AZ office and schedule a one-on-one consultation at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery. Here, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao will perform a full physical assessment, create your revision treatment plan, and help you achieve what your first augmentation was unable to do.

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