Making the right decisions when it comes to undergoing a breast augmentation procedure is an important part of the process. Whether you were born with small breasts, your breasts have changed with age or pregnancies, or you just want to enhance the way you look, there are several different aspects you must consider right from the start. You have to find the right plastic surgeon, know what size and shape you want to be, decide what type of implant you would prefer, and prepare for your recovery. Breast augmentation is still the most popular procedure performed in the United States today and can give you the breasts you always wanted–but being prepared is key.

Dr. Arun Rao is the founder of the Rao Plastic Surgery in Tucson, AZ and one of the leading plastic surgeons in the area. Dr. Rao is board-certified and highly recommended by his patients for his ability to deliver amazing results. He has performed numerous breast augmentation procedures, giving his patients the results they wanted. Here is a helpful guideline from Dr. Rao on what you should know and consider before your breast augmentation surgery so that you are prepared to fully love the way you look.

Can I find a trustworthy, experienced plastic surgeon?

The most important part of your breast augmentation journey is to find the right, qualified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. Finding a highly reputable, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in the Tucson area, like Dr. Rao, will give you the best possible outcome. It is important to do your research into local plastic surgeons to conduct your surgery. Ask friends or family for personal recommendations. Check with other medical professionals you are familiar with to see if they have a suggestion that would be a fit for you. Spend some time on the internet looking into plastic surgeons and their medical background, accreditations, experience, and specialties, as well as the surgical centers they work out of. The plastic surgeon you choose will have a critical impact on how your procedure will turn out as well as make you feel comfortable about the important decision you have made.

What size and type of implant should I choose?

During your consultation appointment with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Rao, he will help determine the answers to the important questions you have when it comes to breast augmentation. For women in Tucson who are considering breast augmentation, you want to consider 3 main factors: implant size, type, and shape. With more women today focused on being physically fit there are other additional aspects to consider as well such as your lifestyle, body type, and your overall aesthetic goal. Breast implant sizes (or CC’s) will look different on each patient, which makes each augmentation procedure uniquely different. Working closely with a board-certified plastic surgeon that you feel comfortable with will help you get the right answers to what size, shape, and type of implant would be best for you.

Will breast augmentation alone give me the results I need?

It can’t be stressed enough that working closely with the right plastic surgeon is crucial to getting the end results you desire. Breast implants solve the issue of breast size but if your natural breasts lack shape then you may need an additional procedure, such as a breast lift. The good news is that this procedure can be done at the same time and will help deliver even more optimal results. If your natural breasts are saggy or droopy then implants would only enhance that, so a breast lift could be necessary. If you are unsure as to whether or not you may need a breast lift before implants, then you can discuss it in further detail during your consultation.

Will I have instant results?

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, be patient! Final results from breast augmentation surgery will be in about 6-9 months post-op. Don’t go out and buy new bras or clothes until your breast implants have settled into place and your body has fully healed. Often patients get excited about their new look while their body is still healing and rush the process. Breast augmentation will transform the way you look, which is very exciting. But it is vital to give your body and your implants time by being patient during the recovery period.

How much time do I need to recover?

It is important to do your due diligence before surgery, but it is also just as important to give your body time to recover. Breast augmentation is a major surgery so planning ahead will only make your recovery go smoother. You will need at least a week or two off before going back to work. It’s also important to have full-time help for the first 48-72 hours after surgery. Prefill your medications and have them ready. Make sure your recovery space is organized and ready with books, movies, and any other items you may need to be comfortable. Taking adequate time off from the gym, work, and home/family obligations will allow your body to rest and heal properly. Pushing to do too much too soon will only cause complications and lengthen your recovery period.

Is post-surgery “blues” a real thing?

When researching breast augmentation surgery, you probably have seen the mention of patients being let down after surgery and struggling with their results. When changing a very visible aspect of your body, like with breast augmentation, patients have high expectations. Days after surgery some patients can begin to worry that they went too small or too big. Some patients even get concerned if they made the right decision to go through with the surgery in the first place. Be patient and let your body heal. Eventually, your concerns will dissipate, and you will be enjoying your new look!

For women in the Tucson area, it is a great time to consider breast augmentation surgery. From different types of implants to gentler forms of general anesthesia and advances in surgical techniques that make the recovery process easier, breast augmentation surgery is producing beautiful, natural-looking results that suit each body individually. Take the first step and set up a consultation with a qualified and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Arun Rao at Rao Plastic Surgery in Tucson, AZ. With his help, you will be one step closer to getting the look you have always wanted.


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