Trying to plan your plastic surgery to ensure your end results align with your expectations can be overwhelming. But with the highly advanced Crisalix 3D Virtual Aesthetics imaging platform, you can see your projected “after” pictures before your procedure.

At Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery, you have access to board-certified and award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao and his team of dedicated medical professionals. They collaborate together at this Tucson, AZ clinic to carefully craft your cosmetic procedure using Crisalix 3D imaging. You can view your virtual after photos at your appointment. Read more about Crisalix 3D imaging below, and when you’re ready to learn more, book a consultation online or by phone.

What is Crisalix 3D imaging?

Crisalix 3D imaging is a groundbreaking technology that gives you the opportunity to virtually view your post-op results, so you can make educated decisions about your cosmetic surgery. The system is a way to “try before you buy” to ensure your expectations are met.

During your plastic surgery consultation at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery, Dr. Rao captures several digital scans of your targeted area. He gathers images from several angles, enabling you to have a more comprehensive view of your projected results. The next step involves uploading your images to the patented Crisalix imaging software system.

You’re then able to sit down with Dr. Rao and view your pictures. You may even be able to use a virtual headset to view your body scans from all angles, depending on your procedure. This digital process helps you stay involved in the decision-making steps of your unique procedure, so Dr. Rao can better meet your desired outcome.

Alternatively, you can use the user-friendly Crisalix app to take pictures at home and simulate your results. Dr. Rao has a practice-specific link to help you get started here.

What are the benefits of Crisalix 3D imaging?

Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery is one of only a handful of facilities in the Tucson, AZ area that offer Crisalix 3D imaging technology. Dr. Rao provides this modern artificial intelligence service so you can:

The Crisalix app also allows you to quickly communicate with Dr. Rao about what you’d like to achieve and any problem areas you want to target using high-definition photos.

Which procedures can Crisalix 3D imaging simulate?

Crisalix 3D is one of the most advanced virtual cosmetic makeover solutions on the market. While Crisalix 3D imaging is commonly used as a breast augmentation simulator, it can do so much more! Dr. Rao recommends utilizing Crisalix 3D technology to simulate the results of a:

You can even use Crisalix 3D imaging to simulate the results of nonsurgical cosmetic services, such as a liquid facelift with BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®, or other medical-grade injectables.

Try out Crisalix 3D imaging with Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery by creating an account online here. To learn more about your specific procedure, book an appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao at this premier Tucson, AZ facility, either online or by phone.


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