Are you tired of carrying around those extra pockets of fat that won’t go away? If so, it might be time to look into CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is the hot new cosmetic procedure that freezes away fat. Imagine finally having that toned and trim body without having to go under the knife or recover from surgery. This advanced cosmetic fat-reduction treatment is becoming more popular as both men and women look to enhance areas that have proven resistant to exercise and diet alone. Many have heard about CoolSculpting from the media buzz surrounding this innovative technique, but may be unsure exactly what it is and how it can help.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao and the expert medical team at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery in Tucson, AZ, are proud to offer their patients the CoolSculpting option. FDA approved in 2010, CoolSculpting has been one of the most popular treatments in the cosmetic world. It can eliminate fat and contour both men’s and women’s bodies so they are sleeker and more defined. Ideal candidates are individuals who are at a healthy weight but have unyielding pockets of cellulite they would love to get rid of.

If your interest in CoolSculpting has been sparked, read on to learn more about the different areas of the body it can treat.

How does CoolSculpting work?

The CoolSculpting procedure is an innovative, in-office treatment that safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to effectively target fat cells that reside beneath the skin. The treated fat cells are frozen and liquified. In a few short weeks, your body will naturally process the fat and eliminate the dead cells through the body’s natural elimination process. The result is a more contoured and sculpted appearance. Patients love CoolSculpting because of its noninvasive method of transforming a person’s physique. In addition, it’s relatively fast and can be performed during your lunch hour, and it does not require anesthesia, surgery, sutures, or a lengthy recovery period. Unlike traditional liposuction, CoolSculpting treats the fat under the skin while leaving the top layer alone. In about 2 – 3 months, patients can see noticeable results and a slimmer contour.

Which areas can be targeted?

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that specifically targets areas of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. Tucson-area men and women request CoolSculpting to treat a variety of areas, including the stomach, thighs, and backside. Individuals who are close to their ideal body weight but still need a little extra help in some of the most pinchable spots will love the effects of CoolSculpting. Here are some of the areas CoolSculpting can help to contour and define:

CoolSculpting is a heavy hitter for these areas and is capable of abolishing unwanted fat and creating a slimmer look. You can start seeing results 12 weeks after your treatment, and the good news is CoolSculpting results are long-term!

Noticeable results

CoolSculpting results are long-lasting but not immediate. After the targeted areas are treated, the frozen fat cells turn to liquid and are naturally eliminated by the body over about a 12-week timeframe. Some Tucson-area patients may require more than one treatment to obtain the results they desire. Final results can be expected about 2 – 3 months after your last procedure. During your consultation appointment with one of the skilled professionals at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery, a treatment plan will be formulated to determine if one or several CoolSculpting treatments are needed to ensure your best results.

How long does it last?

ACoolSculpting reduces about 20 – 25 percent of fat cells. Though the eliminated fat cells will not come back, patients should understand that it is possible for new fat cells to form. This is why it is essential to maintain your current weight, since weight gain could influence your final results. In other words, if patients do not continue to eat well and exercise, they can still gain weight in the treated areas. In most instances, CoolSculpting patients are so pleased with their results that they are more likely to stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain their new look.

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If you are close to your ideal body weight and want to shed those remaining pockets of fat, you may be a candidate for CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting has proven to be a fantastic, noninvasive cosmetic treatment with results that speak for themselves. No downtime, no surgery, and no scars are just a few of the benefits of this fat-reduction treatment. Are you ready to learn more about CoolSculpting and the areas it can target? We invite you to call board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao and his bilingual, Spanish-speaking medical team at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery in Tucson, AZ, today to schedule a consultation.


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