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A question that I am frequently asked by our patients at Rao Plastic Surgery is “what size bra cup will I be after my breast augmentation?” Some patients have a target bra cup that they would like to be after their breast augmentation. I always tell patients that the goal should be to achieve the look they want in clothes rather than having a particular bra cup size. Having a specific bra cup target can be challenging because there is no standardization in the bra industry. A patient may be a B cup in a Guia La Bruna bra, while they may be a C or a D cup in a Victoria Secret Bra. Without standardization, it becomes difficult to predict what size bra cup the patient will be. It is generally accepted that for every 150cc-200cc in an implant, the patient will experience an increase by one cup size. I think the most important factor in selecting the size of an implant is picking an implant that fits the width of the patient’s breast. If you pick an implant that is too wide for your breast then the lateral portion of the implant will sit in the armpit. Too narrow of an implant also does not result in a pleasing aesthetic. During our consultation, we have our patients try on our implant sizers to help guide their decision.

I will make recommendations for a range of sizes of breast implants based on the patient’s base width. We have the patient try on the various sizers using a sports bra. I recommend that patients bring a form fitting t-shirt to get an idea of what the implants will look like with clothes on. Sometimes patients will debate between two different sizes; truly the difference between a 350 cc and a 375 cc implant is negligible. Twenty five cubic centimeters amounts to a little less than 2 tablespoons and it is so small that neither a patient nor even a plastic surgeon would be able to distinguish between the two different sizes. At Rao Plastic Surgery, we strive for natural looking results and I feel the best way to achieve that is to pick implants that best fit your body type rather than shooting for a specific bra cup size.


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