While pregnancy and childbirth are very special experiences for women, the physical changes can take quite a toll on the body. The skin on the abdomen and breasts may stretch out, which means these areas become saggy or deflated after giving birth. Many women find it difficult to return to their pre-baby body with exercise and diet alone. At Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arun Rao has come up with a way to effectively address these issues. Our staff offers mommy makeover surgery for patients in the Tucson, AZ, area and beyond.

A mommy makeover is a combination of skin-tightening and fat-reducing procedures to help women get back to their pre-pregnancy body. Common treatments include breast augmentation and lift, liposuction, and a tummy tuck. All of these options are personalized to meet your unique needs and goals. The best part is that these treatments can be combined into one single operation, making it both cost-effective and convenient.

Patients often ask about the best time to get a mommy makeover. Our answer: It depends. New mothers may be hesitant to schedule any surgery based on their own needs and the needs of their new baby. This is why many women wait until their children are a little older to get a mommy makeover. On the other hand, some moms want procedures done sooner to regain their self-confidence. A private consultation with Dr. Rao will help you determine the best timeline to meet your needs.

Procedures included in a mommy makeover

Pregnancy alters the body in ways that are irreversible through traditional weight loss methods. Nursing, for instance, can cause the breasts to become stretched out and the nipples to point downward. Excess skin on the stomach and weakened abdominal muscles can also make it difficult to wear certain clothes or get back to your regular fitness routine. Not only that, pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep can leave your skin appearing flat or dull.

Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery uses surgical and nonsurgical remedies to treat the areas affected by pregnancy, weight gain, and breastfeeding. While the most common procedures are breast augmentation and lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck, Dr. Rao can also employ other methods to improve the appearance of your breasts, stomach, flank area (lower back), hips and thighs, and face.

Yes, a mommy makeover can also address the face! As we mentioned, hormone fluctuations can cause the skin to change, meaning premature facial wrinkles or lines. Noninvasive treatments such as BOTOX® or dermal fillers can rejuvenate the skin, giving mothers a fresh and youthful appearance.

How long should I wait?

The staff at Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery suggests waiting until you are healthy enough to undergo surgery and your body is at or near your ideal weight. Generally, patients wait about six months after giving birth to get a mommy makeover. The important part is allowing your body enough time to recover and heal following pregnancy. For some women, this means waiting for up to a year. Nursing mothers should wait an additional three months after weaning their children before having a mommy makeover.

Mommy makeovers are also best for women who have completed their families, since future pregnancies will alter the results of your treatment. However, if you have mommy makeover surgery and decide to get pregnant again, you can revisit our clinic for a touch-up. If you’re unsure about whether you want to have more children, it’s important to consult with Dr. Rao to discuss the best approach for your cosmetic treatments. We may be able to find an alternate solution.

Recovering from your mommy makeover

After your mommy makeover, Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery will send you home with post-operative instructions so you can heal properly. These instructions include information about exercise, lifting heavy objects, and strenuous activity that may set back your healing. It also gives you helpful details about caring for incisions and sutures to ensure minimal scarring. No need to worry, however – many scars can be easily hidden with swimsuits or undergarments.

Recovery is based on the scope of procedures you undergo, ranging from one to several weeks in most cases. Since this requires a lot of rest, you may need the assistance of a trusted friend or relative for everyday activities and childcare. Our team encourages you to take slow walks around the house to promote healthy circulation, but don’t push yourself. While you can return to work and go about your normal routines much sooner, the final results can take about six months.

Mommy makeover surgery with Dr. Rao

When performed by a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon, a mommy makeover can absolutely transform the body. Dr. Arun Rao has helped countless mothers by creating tailored surgical plans addressing their aesthetic goals. We invite you to reach out to Rao Plastic & Hand Surgery in Tucson, AZ, today to schedule a private consultation. Our bilingual, Spanish-speaking staff is happy to address your questions and concerns.


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